• Caring makes all the difference.

    Serving patients, their families, and healthcare professionals is our passion.

Working together, beautifully.

Delivering world-class patient support programs for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries through leading technologies, high-touch nurse call centers and deep industry insights is our job.
We engineer intelligent technology that enables stronger relationships with patients and leads to important new insights. We work with patients, nurses, healthcare professionals and biopharmaceuticals to ensure everyone has access to the information they need when they need it. Working together to provide peace of mind.

Serva Health's Suite of Services

Nurse Call Center

Our ServaConnects™ nurse-staffed call center puts the patient first. One-to-one intelligent, high-content interactions with trained nurses create a seamless patient experience that inspires trust, increases patient comfort, and promotes long-term adherence and outcomes.

Technology Platforms

Our RetainSuite™ of omnichannel technologies include an integrated CRM, cloud-based telephony platform, per diem and field nurse scheduling system, and business intelligence reporting platform. These solutions are designed specifically for enhanced relationship-based patient support, access, and retention.

Program Consulting

ServaSolutions™ keeps your program’s specific needs in mind. We combine expertise in program design and management, technology development and deployment, integration, workflow automation, call center design, call center operations and global deployment. All of this is built for very rapid deployment.

Our approach

Focus on what matters

We seek to collaborate, not compete.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our flexibility in deployment means that we are always glad to work alongside other companies when we know the results are in the best interests of our clients and their patients. We embrace a team mentality and welcome opportunities that partner us with like-minded professionals that are just as caring and passionate.

Case Studies

Complex Case Management

A complex case management​ PSP where a recently FDA-approved treatment for legally blind elderly patients required multiple preliminary visits with multiple specialists. Serva Health combined its powerful and fully customized CRM and ACD technologies to automate specialists’ communications and nurse … Read More

Specialty Pharmacy Rescue

A specialty pharmacy rescue for a large specialty pharmacy Patient Assistance Program in a very high-volume drug. The program was a success, so they expanded to offer it throughout the US. However, because they did not scale up their call center, … Read More

Integrated Patient Support Program

An integrated patient support program for a top-20 pharmaceutical company that leveraged Serva Health’s comprehensive PSP technology for its exciting new CNS drug launch. The expansive program design included multiple third parties: HUB services, a marketing agency, safety, financial support, … Read More


Just as we normally would at bedside, as nurses we focus on patients one phone call at a time. We take our time in teaching, clarifying and offering all information needed in order to achieve the shared goal of the call: ensuring the optimal, personalized patient support.”

Jenny J.
ServaConnects™ Bi-lingual Spanish Nurse

“[Our team has] a diverse background in nursing and customer relations, which allows us to understand our clients and their projects. Using our critical thinking skills allows us to troubleshoot calls, situations and provide resolutions to callers’ needs.”

Heidi M.
ServaConnects™ Nurse

Working with the team at Serva Health has been an absolutely amazing experience. Their responsiveness to requests is just as impressive as the solutions that they bring to the table.”

Joshua H.
The human element

What's our secret? Respect and dignity.

Serving patients is our passion, and our innovative technology allows us to do it with ease. We take a patient-centric approach to support, with a focus on nurse–patient relationships.

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